Start using the script

You got the script, have been authorized and want to start using it. What now?

I've got the script and my IP's have been authorized, what now?

First off if the script changes your database structure, adds new items or adds new tables you will have to run the SQL files to apply those changes to your database before you run your FiveM server. If you need any assistance with importing your SQL files feel free to contact our support team on our discord server.

  1. Drag and drop the script into your resources folder

  2. (This step is only necessary for authenticated scripts) Put your Authentication token into the auth.lua file (You will receive if from our staff on Discord)

  3. Run the SQL file which will be stored in the root folder of the resource (Only if s

  4. Add the script to your server.cfg file

  5. (This step is only necessary for authenticated scripts) Start your server and check your console for a message saying "{script} has been authorized"

If you don't see the message saying that your script has been authorized and instead get a message saying that it's not authorized contact our support on discord, you most likely gave us a wrong IP address.

How do I import the SQL.sql file into my database?

Tutorial video (using HeidiSQL)

  1. Select your database

  2. Top right press > File > Run SQL File > Navigate to the SQL file you want to import

  3. If you get a message asking about "Auto-detect file encoding" press Yes

  4. Your database should now be updated

If anything goes wrong feel free to contact our support team on discord

How to add the script to the server.cfg file?

Simply open the server.cfg file and scroll down, at the bottom add our scripts by simply typing

ensure {script name}

For example:

ensure kuz_diving
ensure kuz_merryweather

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