Redeem a purchase

How to redeem a purchase?

(Unless stated otherwise) After you purchased a script from KuzQuality:

  • You will receive an email with the download link

Start using the script

Follow these steps if the script is obfuscated and requires authentication (Most our scripts don't require this)

  1. Join our discord if you haven't already

  2. Locate the #new-purchases channel

  3. Press on the reaction to open a new ticket

  4. Send the required information

  5. Wait to be helped by one of our team members

What do I need to have on hand?

  • Your Tebex transaction ID

  • IP Address of your server

  • (optional) IP Address of your development server

Terms of service

Unauthorized use or distribution/sharing of KuzQuality scripts is strictly against our TOS. Whoever own the script is fully responsible for the use and access to the files and authentication tokens associated with the script.

You may not edit any files which are obfuscated

Not obeying to the terms of service may cause:

  • All your authentication tokens will be revoked

  • You will be banned from our Discord

  • Total ban from KuzQuality store

  • You will not be refunded in the case of your authentication token being revoked

  • We will contact which will cause further actions from directly which may lead to your server being put on the blacklist

Start using the script

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