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Common issues

Has your script stopped working?
Lack of access. Buy the script to receive access. If you purchased the script please contact KuzQuality support on Discord
If you notice this line in your server console it can mean multiple things
  • You're attempting to run the script on an unauthenticated IP address
  • You forgot to put your authentication token into the auth.lua file
  • You attempted to temper with the obfuscated files
  • Your authentication token doesn't match your IP
If you're sure that all these are correct please contact our support on discord
Resource has been renamed. Change the name back to make it work
This simply means that you've renamed the resource which will cause it to not function properly. Please change the name back to the original resource name and restart your server
An error happens for query "SELECT * from...
You most likely forgot to import the SQL file before running your server, or something went wrong during the import.
For further assistance please contact our support on discord